What’s Happening?

Dec 25: Thomas Coville sails around the world solo in 49 days–“incroyable!”

Dec 30: I pass responsibility for Hanthorn Cannery Museum to the new director

2017 Log of Events and Happenings I attend in Astoria and Beyond

Jan 1: snowfall in Mill City (foothills of the Oregon Cascades) and I split firewood

Jan 2: inspect first Caterpillar Tier 4 diesel in USA on 120′ tug in Portland yard

Jan 4: scan 35 of my WW II shipyard photos for Vanport group video in Portland

Jan 5: Pacific Maritime appears with my NW new vessel review for 2016

Jan 7: 10th anniversary of my mid-life crisis – my “A.M./P.M.” moment

Jan 8: young friends Victoria and Adam marry on Astoria hilltop with snow flakes

Jan 10: CRMM-Katie Watkins-Brandt on OSU’s new Regional Research Vessel

Jan 11: after delays, I start writing Port of Astoria winter newsletter

Jan 13-14: first Tango Weekend in Ilwaco, Washington– sunny, freezing cold

Jan 15: after 60+ years, receive emails from my cousins in England and Australia

Jan 16: Freshwater News, NW Yachting, 48 N all appear with my stories

Jan 17: CRMM – Margaret Willson on “The Seawomen of Iceland”

Jan 18: snowdrifts in Portland melt, heavy rain and 60 mph wind at coast

Jan 18: Clatsop County Historical Society Talk on early Oregon movies

Jan 19: “Blade Runner” at Astoria Library–first time in 20 years, still amazing

Jan 20: “Freedom Follies”- an alternative inauguration at KALA art center

Jan 21: see premier of “Sisters in the Snow” at Fertile Ground Festival, Portland

Jan 22: first time at Monday Night Tango in Polish Hall, North Portland

Jan 23: interview Jay Zidell on barge building and re-development plans for site

Jan 24: I meet Laura La Forti to discuss “Vanport Mosaic” documentary and WW II

Jan 26: IDEC trimaran with 6 crew circles the world in 40 days– “fantastique!”

Jan 27: OPB’s “Art Beat” recording at Liberty Theater; I speak up for fishermen


Feb 3: Mary Flowers plays American roots on acoustic guitar at KALA

Feb 4: Poetry workshop and reading by John Sibley Williams at Astoria Library

Feb 7: CRMMTalk on the Lewis & Clark Saltmakers by Tom Wilson

Feb 9: Clatsop Community College’s annual “Au Naturel” art show and reception

Feb 11: Maritime Archaeology AGM and lecture, tour of CRMM boat collection                       Arts Walk–local authors, tango demo, the nude in photography show etc.

Feb 13: Clastsop County Democrats Meeting

Feb 16:  Clatsop County Historical Society talk by movie make-up artist

Feb 20-22: Road trip to boatyards in Westport, Port Townsend, Anacortes, Seattle

Feb 23: Philosopharian talk at Fort George Brewpub

Feb 24-26: Fisherpoets Gathering in Astoria

Mar 3: Julie Brown on crewing on the Lady Washington at Fort George Brewpub

Mar 11: 50th birthday kolo (dance) party with Kafana Klub at Podkrepa

Mar 12: European folk: Trio Suecia Balkan and Roma/Sephardic by Michelle Alamy

Mar 13: Second PDX meeting with Laura on Vanport Memorial Meeting May 26-29

Mar 16: Clatsop County Historical Society talk by movie weapon, magic prop artist

Mar 17: Hipfish arts and life magazine out with my WW II story on the cover

Mar 18: first sunny two-hour bike ride of the year  in Clatsop County                                     Astoria gig for Krist Novoselic’s new band “Giants in the Woods.”

Mar 23: Astoria Y.C. talk on Bowron Lake B.C. 70-mile canoe trail

Mar 25: Katherine Claire concert at KALA

Mar 26: Victor Vincente of America book presentation at Velo Cult

Mar 30: “Brewshed” night at Fort George Brewpub

April 2: Chance encounter at Bikes & Beyond leads to ride, dinner and movie!

April 12: Astoria Library: Oregon Humanities talk on “Fish Tales:-Local Seafood”