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2001–Our Pal Greg LeMond

Up Close with Greg Lemond at Portand Bike Shop – copyright Peter Marsh Wow! Greg LeMond was coming to Portland (Oregon). LeMond–the greatest American cyclist ever, the man who won the closest Tour de France in history. And yet, I … Continue reading

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High Performance, High Style or Just Hyperbole?

A Letter to Professional Boatbuilder Magazine   by Peter Marsh I am writing to you about the confusing use of the term “high performance” in your Dec/Jan 2013issue.  I enjoyed the excellent article by Russell Bowker, especially the way that he … Continue reading

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1996 – Everest and Me

An Armchair Guide to Everest and the Media – copyright Peter Marsh I slid back into my sleeping bag and closed my eyes, trying to remember how it used to be, when Everest really was the ultimate goal. “Mount Everest … Continue reading

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Everest ’96 Produces an Avalanche of Books

A satirical view of the Everest Cult           by Peter Marsh So you think Everest is getting crowded? You should have seen the book-signing line when David Breashears came to Portland! The man who shot the IMAX Everest film was on … Continue reading

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1966-2006 – The Long Strange Trip of the Gipsy Moth IV

Chichester’s Legendary GM IV, Myth and Reality – copyright Peter Marsh In the 1960’s, It was English pioneer aviator and sailor Francis Chichester who became famous for winning the first Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race in 1960 in 40 days at the … Continue reading

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