BIOGRAPHY of Peter Marsh Writer/Photographer

I was born in southern England, lived in Greenwich (S.E.London) for 24 years and attended Colfe’s Grammar School (Lewisham) and the College of S.Mark & S.John (Chelsea). After several adventures by bike and boat, I emigrated to North America in 1972. I settled in the Pacific Northwest, designed and built a 20′ plywood trimaran, and began a decade of solo sailing adventures on the NW coast in the 1980’s.

I sailed from Olympia, Wash. to Skagway, Alaska and back–twice–and around Vancouver Island. That’s when I learned that the NW coast is a national center for the  design and construction of craft of all types and sizes, ranging from kayaks to car ferries. It is the base for Alaska’s fishing industry and freight services, and a destination for yachtsmen and boaters of all types. I began writing for NW Yachting and I also became a correspondent for Workboat magazine.

From1996 to 2001, I was responsible for all the public relations and marketing copy for the Portland Ship Repair Yard (now Vigor Industries). In 2002, in the dot com slump, I was laid off by Cascade and workboat, and moved to Astoria, where I continued to edit Portland’s Freshwater News and began to follow local marine news including shipwrecks, Coast Guard rescues, salmon fishing etc. for several national publications.

In 2006, I became the first volunteer director of the Hanthorn Cannery Museum on Pier 39-Astoria. I spent a decade building it into a popular historic attraction while continuing to write. In 2012-2014, I traveled to Europe three times to visit the Royal Museums of Greenwich and observe and write about the French ocean racing circuit.

In 2015, I resumed regular reporting on the commercial maritime sector for Philips Publishing Group where I review design and construction of tugs, ferries and workboats for Pacific Maritime, and fishing vessels for Fishermens News.