Peter J. Marsh: Nautical & Outdoor Writer

I am a writer and photographer living and working in Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.A.). I became a full-time freelancer in 1988, specializing in nautical, engineering, and outdoor stories ranging literally from “sea to summit.”

I mainly cover the Pacific Northwest region from Bellingham, Washington to Crescent City, California, reporting on recreational boating and commercial marine activity from fishing to shipping. I am the NW coast correspondent for Pacific Maritime and Fishermens News, and I have been a contributor to NW Yachting since 1977. 

With nearly 30 years experience in nautical journalism, I have a wide range of experience covering the history, design and construction of craft of all types. In the INDEX column on the right, you can find some of my best work, just click on a category or enter a search word.


The author at the wreck of the Peter Iredale after a storm had exposed the main mast.

  • Consulting on your nautical project.
  • Copy writing that is accurate, informative
  • Editing & proof-reading your copy
  • Well-written press releases & brochures
  • Re-printing my work for commercial use
  • WW II in Portland: original photos of Kaiser shipyards, ships and workers–male and female.
  • Read more about my writing career 1988-2017:
  • “Ocean Rowing or Ocean Drifting?” is my survey of the history and growth of so-called “ocean rowing.” My conclusion: Oceanography proves this activity is more correctly called “ocean drifting” and shows it demands extreme denial as well as extreme endurance!           Read the rest of the story


Cycling, Hiking & Adventure Travel Writing

While riding the Camino del Norte in Spain, the author came across a remarkable oversize wooden bike sculpture in Cabezón de la Sal in Cantabria.

I have been actively involved in cycling journalism since 1989, when I revived the monthly Oregon Cycling paper. I ran it until 1992, then continued as a contributor when it was sold to a group in Eugene. When it closed down in 2006, I began writing for the Bike Paper in Seattle–until it too closed at the end of 2015. To see my best bike stories, click on “Cycling” on the list at the right, or type in a search word like “Bike Friday.”

Mule Packer: The DIY Travel Bike that Flies Free!

Mule Packer ready to box up–handlebars shown outside package for clarity, they actually go in space between wheels. inside package.

I have built, tested and proved a simple D.I.Y. method to build a demountable travel bike with sturdy 26″ mountain bike wheels. It  measures 62″ overall when packed, to comply with airline luggage limits. It’s strong, simple, easy to build, and the two simple joints are as strong as the frame tubing. I rode the prototype along the wild Carreterra Austral in southern Chile (Patagonia) in 2016.   Learn more:

In Praise of Retro Bikes--my collection of  1980’s bikes.

  I am the distributor of  “Tango Round the Horn” 

The Tango was towed across the Columbia Bar and into the Pacific.

Larry Barber’s  story of the WWII  voyage of the Tango, the last U.S. windjammer to round Cape Horn, covers the ship’s history from launch in 1904 as the German square rigger Hans, through its conversion into a Santa Monica casino ship in the 1930’s, and final revival as a six- masted lumber schooner in 1941. $14 (postage paid) contact me to buy a copy.


About this site: my sea-to-summit adventures began in June 1997 and went on line soon after on my Angelfire website. I converted to Linux and moved the site to WordPress in Nov. 2015. It now receives around 1,000 visits per month, with a total of 14,000 views so far.

If you enjoy my writing, you can re-publish it in non-profit websites/publications at no cost– on condition that you credit me and link to this site. Contact me for permission to use my work in any commercial format.

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